Monthly Archives: February 2008

Looking through the fog

Foggy Sundown


The air was warm yesterday, looking strange and  mysterious as mist coming off the snow created a kind of fog that wouldn’t clear even in midday.  It stayed through the rain in late afternoon and remained to day’s end as seen in the photograph above.

The fog also drifted into the corners of the mind as we listened to the latest challenge from the Hillary Clinton camp against Barack Obama that he somehow plagiarized the words of Deval Patrick, the new governor of my state, Massachusetts.  I’m not sure what part of Obama’s words could be considered plagiarism since his statement was mostly well know quotes of John F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King and others.  The part that Hillary is calling plagiarism is when he says, “Just words?”  I’m not sure where anyone could call this plagiarism but the attempt to impugn Obama’s character is in itself both desperate and counter-productive.  In highlighting the similarity between these two black leaders whose words inspired their followers, Hillary Clinton in fact suggests to me that she stole this strategy from Deval Patrick’s challenger.  

If Patrick was using this defense, “just words?” during his run for the governorship, then obviously his critics were saying the same thing about him that Hillary has been saying about Obama, that he is all talk, that his words are hollow meaningless things because there is nothing behind them.  The challenge suggests he lacks the experience to back up those words with action.  

There may be something to Hillary’s position, it’s hard to tell really.  The charge of plagiarism on this truly silly point, however, suggests to me that she has nothing to show to support this position. 

Obama says words do matter and clearly, his supporters agree.