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Elegant White Iris

Elegant White Iris 

I’m back working to show some of my artwork in Greenfield along with many other artists in our Artist Window Display – AWE.  Prepare to be AWED is our catchy phrase to promote the display.  I wrote a little about it last spring.  The photo posted below is from that show.  The Iris above is my latest photo on display now at L Salon on Miles Street in Greenfield, MA.

Window display in Simon's Stamps, Greenfield, MA

Ellen’s window display in Greenfield, Spring 2008

The display last spring was easy.  I took six photos with pre-cut mats and metal pre-cut frames, put together with easy to use hardware, and put them up on little wrought iron display easels in the window of Simon’s Stamps in Greenfield, Massachusetts.  It did take a bit of work to print the photos and put the mats and frames together but nothing very difficult or complex.  This time I’ve been struggling and a lot of that struggle is internal.  By which I mean that I’m fighting my own fatigue and desire to quit and forget the whole thing.  I’ve been busy, working for the first time in several years.  Not a real job, not an office 9 to 5 kind of job like I used to have.  Not even a show up and work for somebody else job.  A little job where I go to select board meetings, in local town government, and report on what they say. Easy.  Only not so much.  The meetings are at night, dinner time so I never know when to eat. I get home and I’m hungry and tired and the story has to be filed with the newspaper first thing in the morning so I fight with myself over whether to write or eat, write or sleep, write the story at night and get it in so I can sleep the next morning, or sleep first then get up fresh and write the article early in the morning.  Either way it’s a fight because I don’t want to do either.  Truth is, I don’t know what I’m doing anymore.

So I’ve been working on this little art project.  Last spring I bought a large format inkjet printer so I could have bigger prints of my photographs to show.  Then I had to get larger paper which it turns out is about three times what the smaller (8 1/2 x 11) paper costs but also, it’s only sold in packages of 50 instead of 20 or 25 so it actually costs 5 times what the smaller paper costs.  Each step along the way I question what I’m doing, trying to decide should I or shouldn’t I spend the money.  A friend stepped in and solved some of my dilemma.  She offered to buy the paper if I’d let her print her photos on my printer.  This helped us both and I was glad to do it.  I made wooden frames using pre-cut molding that comes with V shaped plastic inserts that helps in putting the frames together.  That saved me a lot of money and it was fun. The wood glue was goopy but I didn’t mind.  The finished product was excellent and I felt proud.  I cut my own mats using a mat cutter I bought about a year ago. I spent several hours practicing cutting scrap mat paper before I finally cut a quality beveled frame in the center of a mat. When I succeeded it felt great. Cutting my own mats gave me much more control and the finished product was so much nicer.  The photo of the white Iris (above) taken in a friend’s garden this spring looks great in the large 16 x 20 black wood frame.  I put it on a wooden display easel in a tall window of a beauty parlor on Miles Street in Greenfield, Massachusetts.  Miles Street is just off of Main Street where most of the stores with artwork on display are located.

The wooden easel is rather flimsy and I was worried about it but the very charming young woman who runs the beauty parlor was reassuring and so I decided it was ok.  I’d intended to put another one in but that has been more difficult as the second wooden easel, bought last week at a local art/frame shop, has such a thin support bar I didn’t feel it would hold the frame up so I’ve been on a quest to solve the problem.  I did go back to the art store but that was futile, which I knew but went anyway.  That was yesterday.  Today I went to Home Depot hoping to find something that would work and only managed to get some cheap pine cut to size but we still have to put a hole in it before I can use it on the easel.  It’s larger that what came with the easel but doesn’t have an edge to hold the artwork back and may not work out.  I could drive down to the mall instead and try to find something better there.  In the meantime I framed two smaller pieces and would have taken them in to put in yet another store but ran out of time and energy and decided to just go to Network Chiropractic instead to get a treatment, relax, turn the dark clouds in my mind into clear blue skies which Wayne with his healing ways helped me do and so I feel better about things and am not so conflicted now.  We’ll see what morning brings.

2 thoughts on “Art Show

  1. Eileen Havelock

    I love the artwork! Keep on doing it. You can take fall pics and make beautiful designs.
    You sound like you are going thru a seasonal change.Try and rest.
    I have a section 8 housing voucher to move anywhere in the US. I have had it a month now, and found nothing. I have it for a one bedroom, but will get a two bedroom(caretaker). Is there anything where you live?? I love it there..Please email me when you feel up to ya…Lee aka Eileen

  2. susie Leal

    Hi Ellen,
    The window display is lovely as is the elegant white Iris.. very awesome indeed. love ya xoxoxoxoxoxox

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