Life Takes It’s Own Path


The last of the spring iris blooming in Turner Falls- June 25, 2009

The last of the spring iris blooming in Turner Falls- June 25, 2009

I’ve been neglecting this blog for most of the year. I got busy doing other things. Living life. I signed up for a class last fall without planning to. I met Margery Heins in Fosters Market in Greenfield, Mass. which is where I go for most things because there’s not much in Turners Falls. Somehow she managed to talk me into joining the Greenfield Community College chorus. She’s the director/professor. She told me she needed sopranos and I should come sing with them. It’s a little confusing because this is a class but functions as a regular choir. She has us perform all over the place and does twice as much as would normally be required of a class. I belonged back in 2005 and it was a lot of fun but they changed some rules and I couldn’t get a “senior waiver” for tuition so I didn’t go back. I turned her down at first. Then it played on my mind. The draw of music. How I love to sing. So I joined. I’d forgotten how much work it was. I was exhausted. I got sick. I kept going, kept singing, almost died of fatigue but still showed up. Something in me drives me to work and do my best no matter what the obstacles. That’s good and bad. It’s how I destroyed my health years ago, working in the city, taking the train back and forth from Brooklyn to Manhattan, ignoring the pain in my body. Everyone does it. I thought when I moved to the country it would be easier but my health was too compromised by then. So I retired early and thought I’d just stop. Apparently I don’t know how to stop.

I didn’t go back to chorus this spring but when I saw a seminar being taught by the well respected photographer, Tom Young, I ran in and signed up. It was quite a challenge and I’ll talk more about it in the future, but it gave me a new way to look at my photography. I think I was getting bored with photographing the same things all the time. However much other people liked my work, I was beginning to lose interest. Tom got me to look at things differently and now I go out with a new attitude. I’m noticing things I never saw before and even finding old work that I ignored because it wasn’t what I thought I wanted. Now I see it differently.

So the question isn’t anymore about whether it’s business or art. Art is all there is. The question seems to be is it commercial art, or is it fine art. And what is the difference? And can it be both?

That is the question that the work itself will answer.

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