A Musical Gift for the Holidays

Shelburne Falls, MA

Shelburne Falls, Massachusetts

These two songs sung by Ellen Blanchette and recorded on December 25, 2009, offered here  as a gift to friends and loved ones.  I hope you enjoy them. For those of you who like me were in the class of ’61, these songs should bring back fond memories. The love songs of our youth, when love was new and very romantic. Click on the link to play the song.

Mr. Wonderful

Loving You

I tried late last night (which was actually very early this morning) to post these songs on my facebook page.  It seems facebook doesn’t let you do that.  I even sent off an email around 2:30 a.m. to my friend Adam Bergeron to ask him how he posted his music to a facebook fan page.  Not that I expected an answer right then but it was a last bit of desperation before I let myself go to sleep. ÂThen this morning, as I lay listening to NPR and doing my lazy wake-up slowly thing I like to do when there’s nothing important to get up for, the answer suddenly occurred to me.  Isn’t it interesting how the mind continues to work on a problem while we sleep?  The solution, which I do hope works, is to post it here and then post the link to this page on facebook.

I was inspired to record this song as a gift to my fellow Overbrook High School classmates and my former high school sweetheart who said something very kind about my singing voice when we first reconnected. Music was the very most important thing in my life when I was a young girl. I sang all the time. It was in many ways the only thing that made me happy, and kept me going to school.  I didn’t like school, wasn’t smart like most of my classmates.  It was hard for me to learn things and I spent many hours doing homework and studying in order to maintain a generally B and C grade level. The rare A occurred only if there was a teacher or a subject in which I was actually interested.  That didn’t happen often. Mr. Loper’s chorus, which met every day at lunch hour, and brought us out to perform during this holiday season to places like Ocean City, NJ as well as our own school auditorium, and All City Chorus competition, gave me something in my life that truly mattered. What I learned there enriched my life and gave me skills that I have continued to use throughout my adult life.

I doubt many of my classmates, or even my closest childhood friends, knew that I was an unhappy child with many stresses at home.  Singing was what I did then to lift my spirits.  Singing these songs last night woke me up and kept me up because when I sing it fills me with energy and joy.

Until recently I hadn’t thought much about my former classmates, many of whom who went all through school with me.  We never saw each other after graduation.  We went off to college or other lives in other places.  We didn’t live close together, our parents didn’t know each other except for those in my own little neighborhood.  I am surprised at how much their presence in my life has comforted me in these my elder years. It brought back happy memories and let me view that part of my life in a much more positive way than I had before.  I am grateful for their return to my life and so I offer this gift of music to them and to all of my friends and loved ones.

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