My life has been in a swirl of change for the last several months and now it seems the world has caught up with me.  Today feels like a combination of The Twilight Zone and Voyage of the Damned.  I’ve been listening to the morning press conferences of Governor Andrew Cuomo every day for the last week or so and mostly they’ve helped me feel better about how the nation is dealing with this pandemic that has arrived at our shores.  Today it felt different.  Questions were less interesting from the press.  He seemed more distressed.  Understandable as the number of dead keeps rising in New York.  He talked about how it weighs on him.  I like that he talks about his feelings, it gives us all permission to feel sad if that’s what we want to do.

I find it annoying, all the happy talk, “We’ll get through this,” a reassuring voice tells us while playing pictures of strong people doing brave things, or smiling people hugging kids or puppies. This has become some kind of rallying cry, which is a lie, since obviously, if thousands of people are dying then how can you say we’ll all get through this?  This is a tragic time and I think it’s important to face that reality while being grateful for what we do have.  Whenever I feel a little sad or down, I remind myself of what I have, that I have food in my refrigerator, a safe, warm place to live, good friends and family with whom to share my life.  I am a lucky person. It’s good to remind oneself of that even while feeling sad for all the tragic suffering all around us.  To be of help to others, we need to be sane ourselves.




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