About Ellen

Ellen Blanchette has been an artist and photographer for over 40 years.  Photography became a souce of artistic satisfaction and allowed her to continue a creative enterprise when other more demanding art forms became hard to fit into her sometimes hectic, often crowed life.

Ellen attended the Philadelphia College of Art in the 1960’s, where she studied with artists Karl Sherman and William Barnett.  Always drawn to music as her first love, she moved to New York City in 1966 with dreams of working in musical theater.  Life didn’t work out quite that way. She settled in Brooklyn, married, and went back to college after the birth of her son Paul in 1970.  Ellen completed her education at Brooklyn College,  earning a BS in Art and an MFA in Creative Writing.  She worked as a substitute teacher in the Brooklyn public schools, tutored students while studying at Kingsborough Community College, and worked as an administrative assistant in both corporate and non-profit businesses for 20 years before leaving New York City in 2002.

Ellen moved to Franklin County in Western Massachusetts seeking a quieter life and an opportunity to explore her creative side more fully.  She became a reporter for the Athol Daily News, which gave her an opportunity to use her skills as a writer and photographer.  She now writes for the Montague Reporter, a weekly local newspaper, and lives in Turners Falls, Massachusetts.

About her work, she says, “Photography is what happened to me while I was planning my life.  When I go out with my camera, it’s an adventure.  I am looking at the world, waiting to be inspired.  I want to see what’s new, different, exquisite.  There is always something there, if I’m patient and look carefully.  The world is an amazing place, full of secrets waiting to be disclosed.”

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